Currently updated! New Info: First 3 Semesters will be in English

Studying Environmental Sciences (B.Sc.) in Lüneburg (Germany)

You want to step out of your daily student life, learn a new language and get to know  people of an other cultural background?

Then come to Lüneburg! Here you can extend your technical knowledge in an area close to nature and down to earth. And if you’re looking for something bigger, Hamburg is not far away.

Here, about 10.000 students study Cultural Sciences, Business Administration and Psychology, Commercial Law, Teacher-training courses and Environmental Sciences which we want to present now.

Study a semester/ a whole year (two semesters) of Environmental Sciences in Lüneburg:

The importance of experts in environmental issues today is indisputable if you consider all the pollution, injustice and economic corruption that predominates in our world. It is our responsibility to improve the situation for us today and all the future generations on this planet, especially for those who already suffer from Global Change.

This course of studies gives you the opportunity to develop your interdisciplinary skills as it comprises a variety of fields: Natural and social sciences are the essence of it. You will take courses in (environmental) chemistry, ecology and physics. Apart from that, there are courses in  Environmental Law, Policy and Communication as for Social Sciences. This offers you to study the complexity of environmental problems on our earth from a multidisciplinary point of view. In Lüneburg, you will work with schemes and statistics such as in laboratories and on site.

Depending on if you come for the winter or summer term, you can take different courses in the fields described.

Study six semesters of Environmental Sciences and gain a Bachelor of Science degree (B.Sc.):

For the B.Sc. degree, you study three whole years of Environmental Sciences.  Apart from the courses described above you will have a few ‘extras’ which are part of the concept in Leuphana University Lüneburg.

The first semester, called ‘Leuphana Semester’, is like a ‘studium generale’ where you study together with all freshman. You take courses in sustainability, history, philosophy, mathematics, statistics, examination methods and many others. This introductory semester shall help you get to know the university, the library and other universitary institutions.

In the second semester, you start with Environmental Sciences, your ‘Major’. Apart from that, you choose a sub-course which you’ll study additionally during all the remaining semesters. These are the ‘Minors’: Environmental Project Studies, Political Science, Information Technology, Commercial Law, Business Psychology, Business Administration, Digital Media/Cultural Informatics, Economic Science, E-Business, Industrial Technology.

To complete your timetable, there are complementary studies in all kinds of fields such as art, music, languages, culture or method.

After six (or more) semesters of successful studies, you hopefully will gain the Bachelor of Sciences degree and consider Lüneburg your second home.

If you now are interested feel free to ask us any question you have!!!